WP-Member is an advanced WordPress membership plugin that adds many membership features including registration customization, total content protection for posts, pages and categories, content teasers, automated membership management, automated payment processing, unlimited membership levels and subscriptions, full encryption and security, PCI Compliance, message customization and multiple currencies.

WP-Member Main Features

  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress (Fully tested with WordPress 3.5)
  • Works with Any WordPress Theme
  • Fully Automated Membership System
  • Accept Payments using PayPal Standard, PayPal Express Checkout, Google Checkout, and Authorize.net
  • Use any currency that your selected gateway will support.
  • Easy Install and Fast Setup
  • Create Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Create Unlimited Subscriptions
  • Offer Free, Trial and Paid Account Types
  • Flexible and Secure Content Protection
  • Protect Custom Post Types and Taxonomies
  • Easy Digital Downloads based on Membership Level
  • Protect Images, Videos, PDF’s, and more
  • Easy to use Shortcodes and Shortcode Generator
  • Offer Multiple Subscription Packages for any Membership Level
  • Customizable Error Messages and Redirects
  • Content Teasers
  • Login and Log-out Redirects
  • Unlimited Custom Fields for User Profiles
  • Easy Registration Customization


Site owners can change login/registration background image and font colors on login/registration page.
Add custom registration fields (text boxes, text areas, drop down options, tick boxes, bullet points, date of birth, country and more).Drag and Drop fields to change field order on registration form.

Content Protection

Protect posts, pages and categories. Each post, page and category can have one or more membership levels assigned, granting access to members who have the correct membership level. Quite simply, if you can put it on a WordPress post, page or category, WP-Member can easily protect it with a single click.
Your members will only be able to view content if their subscription includes the membership level which the content they are trying to view is assigned to. Members will not be able to view content assigned to other membership levels.

Content Teasers

Hide blocks of content within posts and pages from unregistered members. Ideal for providing teasers, or hiding the end of the post or page so that visitors must login or register to be able to read the remainder of the content.
Members who are not registered will be shown a message in place of the hidden content. You can edit this message to say anything that you like such as a call to action informing the customer that they need to register or login before they can view the content. You can even include html.

Automated Membership and Payment Processing System

Every member’s account will be automatically managed so that you do not need to do anything. As soon as a member registers, their account will be automatically created. If the members subscription requires a payment, the member will be sent to their chosen payment method. Until the members payment has been confirmed, their account will remain inactive and if they try to login, they will be asked to complete their payment (and that the payment is confirmed by the payment gateway) before their account will be activated and they will be able to view protected content.

Once the members payment has been confirmed, their account will be automatically activated and they will then be able to login and access the content assigned to their membership level.

If a member cancels their subscription or is late making a payment, their account will be suspended until they bring their payments up to date. When the member tries to login, they will be presented with payment options so that they can update their payment. Once their account has received a confirmed payment, their account will be automatically unsuspended and they will be able to login and access the content assigned to their membership level.

WP-Member comes with gateway modules for Paypal, Authorize.net and Google Checkout. It is up to you which gateways you want to use. You can use no gateways (if you do not charge for your membership plans), or any mix of gateways from just one to all three. Your users will be able to select which gateway they would prefer to use when they register.

Membership Levels and Subscriptions

You can create unlimited membership levels and assign to each membership level as few or as many posts, pages and categories as you desire. Each Membership level can have unlimited subscriptions. Subscriptions can be set to recurring payments, or one off payments, each with a duration from payment to the next of 1 day to 99 years!

Encryption and Security

When dealing with customers payments, you need to ensure that your software can not be hacked, otherwise a hacker could add malicious code to the payment process in an attempt to steal your customers details, commit identity theft or fraud. This is something that you want to avoid completely and it is something that we have always listed as a top priority for WP-Member. WP-Member uses the latest encryption methods making it absolutely impossible for anyone to be able to hack or otherwise alter your payment process. This provides both yourself and all your customers with the best possible security and peace of mind. WP-Member is the only membership plugin that we are aware of (and we have checked all other membership plugins we could find at the time) that employs encryption methods to protect you and your customers.

PCI Compliance

WP-Member has been designed so that it does not effect your PCI Compliance status. All features and functions within WP-Member are PCI Compliant and ensure that you can pass all PCI compliance tests.

To read more about PCI Compliance, please click here (external link).

Who uses WP-Member?

Our client base includes world renowned & acclaimed bloggers, law enforcement agencies, government bodies, advertising & marketing agencies, world famous models, investment management & financial advice firms, not to mention countless blogs and websites just like your website.

Customer Reviews

Aldian Prakoso, Author of mantraUANG(Published paperback covering monetizing blog methods)
“Definitely one of the necessary tools to monetize WordPress by creating an online store or membership site”

Read more customer reviews.

Buy Now

WP-Member comes in a range of licensing options, please click here to view all available licensing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will WP-Member work with my theme?
A: Yes! WP-Member works with all properly coded themes.

Q: If I buy a Single Site License, can I later upgrade to a Multi Site License?
A: Yes! Just open a ticket with us and we’ll refund or credit 100% of your Single Site License price when you upgrade.

Q: Can I sell memberships with a one-off payment?
A: Yes! You can choose to offer memberships with one time single payments, or automatic subscription payments. WP-Member gives you every option when creating a subscription package in a felxible, easy to use interface.

Q: Can I have hidden membership levels that users can not register for?
A: Yes, only membership levels that have subscription packages assigned to them will be available for users to select when registering on your site. An admin will be able to manually add selected users to the hidden membership levels. This can be used to provide selected users with bonuses that are unavailable to other users, or if you wanted to provide selected content that related only to a specific member.

Q: Can I display members profiles on the front end?
A: WP-Member works closely with the existing WordPress user system so that site admins can manipulate the site to suit their needs. For example, you can use the “Theme My Login” plugin which allows you to add the login page to a themed page as well as adding the users profile to a themed page on the front end of WordPress. There are many other plugins such as “profile pic” which will allow users to add a profile picture. There are many other profile plugins which will allow you to otherwise alter the user profiles on your website. Make sure that you only use plugins that have been tested with your version of WordPress.
Below are a few examples of plugins that will let you add profiles to your site front end (as well as other profile related changes) instead of the admin area where WordPress presently stores them.
Theme My Login Plugin
Profile Pic Plugin
Other “profile” plugins

Why Choose WP-Member?

  • Value for money – Unlike most other plugin developers (who claim to be web developers & seo experts), we do not squander any money on adverts. We have an excellent team of web developers who make sure our website ranks highly in search engine search results. Other membership plugin developers have even offered us money to let them advertise on our website, but we said no! All our new customers find us via search engines, online reviews, recommendations and word of mouth. Because we do not waste money on advertising, we can charge less for our products, giving you much better value for money than other membership plugins.
  • Focus on Success – We regularly analyze users behavior so that we can develop systems, features and functions that will best suit the majority of your customers, resulting in higher sales and conversion rates on your website. For example, when a user registers for a paid subscription, but does not pay, their account is created, but marked as inactive. When they are ready to pay, all they need to do is login to your site and complete their payment. They do not need to re-register as this action often causes users to not register again. You can even send emails to your inactive customers to ask if they need any assistance with their account/order/subscription.
  • Recommended By Expert Bloggers – WP-Member is recommended by many leading bloggers including blogging for business author Aldian Prakoso.
  • WP-Member Recommended in Published Book on Blogging – WP-Member is the only WordPress Membership Plugin in the world to be included in a published book about blogging.
  • Designed for users of all ages and expertise.
  • 100% Organic Software – WP-Member was not designed for the sole purpose of selling to make money, it was initially designed to suit the requirements of customers using our hosting and customized web design services. We are constantly updating and improving WP-Member to better serve the needs of our current and future customers. Our customers requirements, experiences and suggestions are what make WP-member the best WordPress Membership Plugin available.
  • Dedicated Support Team – Our support team work around the clock to provide you with 24 hour support, 365 days a year including Christmas and other public holidays. Our support system now provides you with suggested support articles as you write a question when opening a support ticket. This will save you lots of time as you will no longer need to read irrelevant information and can jump straight to the relevant articles, providing you with an immediate answer. Just one of the many ways we are transforming our site to best suit the requirements of our users. Please feel free to contact our customer services team (via our support section) with any questions you may have.
  • Guaranteed Software – We have a dedicated team of programmers who are constantly working on our plugin to find & fix any bugs and test WP-Member with the next scheduled WordPress release. This means that by the time WordPress make a new release, we have already tested it with our plugin and released any required changes.