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Easy Installation and Setup

WP-Member comes with nearly all the default settings ready to use, so you can get up and running quickly. With the default settings taken care of for you, this is the easiest way to deploy a WordPress Membership Site.

Exploring the settings and making changes is quick and easy, there are plenty of options for tweaking and fine tuning your member experience.

The General Settings page covers global options such as email settings, redirect options, currency and payment preferences that will be applied to all gateways, and some content protection defaults.

Unlimited Membership Levels

With WP-Member, you can create unlimited Membership Levels and Subscription Packages to suit the needs of virtually any membership site.

Creating a Membership Level is easy, it can be done with just one simple step. Just give the level a name, and optionally set the login and registration redirects.

Now the Membership Level can be used for content protection settings, and access to it can be sold or given to users with a Subscription Package.

Flexible Subscription Packages

Subscription Packages offer ultimate flexibility to sell (or give) users access to Membership Levels.

Subscription Packages can grant access to one or more Membership Levels, can be free or paid, and can have any duration supported by your chosen payment gateway. Paid Subscription Packages can be created to accept one-off payments or automatic subscription payments that renew each month, year, or any other interval you like.

Trial subscription periods are supported and can be free or paid, when the trial interval can be set to anything you wish, and then the trial is up the user will automatically be billed for the regular subscription amount (unless they cancel first).

There is no limit to the number of Subscription Packages or combination of Membership Levels that can be created with WP-Member for your WordPress membership site.

Drip Feed Content

Don’t give new members access to your entire site immediately, instead you can set up some content on a scheduled automated drip feed.

Drip Feed content can be made available to specific Membership Levels only after they have been registered for a certain number of days. For example, you may want a new post to appear each week after a member signs up.

Scheduled drip feeding of membership content is very easy to set up.

WP-Member Login Widget

Place a login form anywhere on your site with the WP-Member login widget.

The login widget automatically changes to welcome logged in users and gives links to their profile and membership details.

Login forms can also be placed inside posts or pages using WP-Member’s login form shortcode.

Protected Digital Downloads

The protected download feature lets you easily create a download and then instantly make it available to all users of specific membership levels.

The download button shortcode generator can be used to insert a custom download button for any protected download content into a WordPress page or post.

It’s never been easier to provide membership based digital downloads to your users.

Easy to use Shortcodes

Built in shortcode generators can be used to protect content, add teaser content, create custom digital download buttons, and insert login and registration forms into any WordPress posts or pages.

The shortcode generators are found on the toolbar of the WordPress visual editor.

Powerful and Flexible Content Protection

Protect any part of your WordPress website from non-members and users without the proper membership level.

WP-Member can protect any WordPress post, page, custom post type, taxonomy, or entire category, granting access to only the Membership Levels you specify.

Any inline content can be protected using shortcodes, so that guest visitors or users without the proper access level can see the rest of the post or the teaser content but not a specific protected portion.

The many content protection options are flexible and limitless.

Customized Messages and Redirects

There are several options for what to show when a user tries to access protected content but does not have the proper access level. You can set a custom message to be displayed, redirect the user to any WordPress page, or hide the content entirely and give a 404 “not found” error.

Customized Registration & Login Forms

Create simple or highly complex custom registration forms quickly and easily to gather all the data you need from new members as they register.

Custom fields may be added to the registration form as single line text inputs, checkboxes, drop downs, large text areas, date pickers, radio buttons and more.

Content Teasers

Using the built in shortcode generators, WP-member can protect selective parts of WordPress posts and pages – leaving the rest visible to guests as “teaser content”. To see the protected portion of the content, they will be asked to log-in or sign up.

Automated Membership & Payment Processing

Don’t worry about coding your own complicated PayPal buttons or payment forms. Just set up a Subscription Package and WP-Member takes care of the rest. The package is automatically added to registration forms and available for purchase by your users. Expiration, Renewals and Recurring Payments can all be handled automatically.

bbPres Forum Integration

Easily protect bbPress forums and control access to read or post to forums based on Membership Levels.

WP-Member adds a custom metabox to all bbPress forums that can be used for restricting access to bbPress forums and setting the forum posting permissions.

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