Best WordPress Membership Plugin

Best WordPress Membership Plugin

wp-member is the best wordpress membership plugin and offers superb value for money when compared with other similar plugins. wp-member is already the “Best Membership Plugin” on

wp-Member has been developed by to provide a stable base for wordpress membership sites. are experts in providing real time solutions at an affordable price for many different areas such as e-commerce, hosting and custom scripted websites. continue to provide award winning service and support to all wp-Members users. Our support team is available 24 hours a day via live chat or ticketed support. They will assist all users with every aspect of running a membership site using wordpress.

Using wp-member you can create unlimited access levels (similar to user groups) as well as unlimited subscriptions per access level. All subscriptions are managed via paypal IPN which will keep your their details up to date, removing their access if they miss a payment.

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We are the Best Membership Website with the Best Membership Plugin

Over the past few weeks we have been developing our website to make sure we can get the most users possible from search engines. We charge a low price for wp-member because we do not advertise wp-member anywhere. By completing a thorough SEO in house, we can target our site at millions of users while at the same time passing the discount onto our users. We do not see why a customer should pay extra because the company is unable to correctly target their site to naturally attract users.

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