Membership Plugin

Wp-member is a membership plugin designed for use with wordpress. It is the best membership plugin available. You have unlimited membership levels, each with unlimited subscription options allowing you to customise the plugin to suit your needs.

The plugin has received great reviews, naming it “the best membership plugin” and the “best wordpress membership plugin”.

The plugin is reasonably priced as well with a single site license starting from 19.99 EUR per year.

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Membership Plugin for WordPress

When you’re looking for a membership plugin for wordpress, look no further than Wp-member. The plugin allows you to create unlimited membership levels and each level has unlimited subscriptions making it fully customisable to your needs. There are many good reviews of the plugin calling it the best membership plugin and the best wordpress membership plugin.

You can also manage the content of your site by restricting access to posts and pages depending on the membership level the user has paid for. Again this can be customized.

The best part is that the wp-member plugin is affordable too. A 1 site license is only 19.99 EUR per year, and there is the option for a 5 site license at 32.99 EUR per year, or a 10 site license at 49.99 EUR per year.

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