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Our status as the number one WordPress Membership Plugin has enabled us to create multiple customized versions of our WordPress Membership Plugin. Two of these WordPress Membership Plugin versions have been trialed and are due to be released within the next two months.

Our ability to expand and develop new versions of our WordPress Membership Plugin is only made possible by our customers support for our range of products. Everytime we release a new version of our WordPress Membership Plugin, we will first offer it as a free upgrade to our existing customers.

Our new WordPress Membership Plugin feedback system has allowed us to gather users first hand experiences of using our WordPress Membership Plugin. This will be continued and expanded to ensure we are developing the right features for our customers, both current and future.

In short, if you want the best WordPress Membership Plugin, you have come to the right place.

WordPress 2.6.5 Released

WordPress have released version 2.6.5 as we move close to seeing them release 2.7.

WordPress have changed some of the ways that errors used within wp-member operate. This can generate some errors during registration. We have worked on this issue and now have a new version due for release within the next few days.