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Almost every website that provides information for users, will at some point need to create a membership system. By creating a membership site you can charge users a fee to access your extra content. wp-member is the best membership plugin and is designed to be flexable enough to meet the needs of almost every website owner.

wp-member is a plugin for the popular blogging system wordpress. By installing wp-member you can transform wordpress into a fully operational subscription based membership site. You can create as many access levels as you want. An access level is similar to a user group and will allow all users within it to only access the posts, pages and categories that you select. For each access level you can create as many subscriptions as you want ranging from 1 day to 99 years. All payments and subscriptions are managed using paypal IPN. Free and Trial accounts are also available and you can even set the length of the trial accounts you want to offer.

wp-member is the best membership plugin for you and your site. Search for “Best Membership Plugin” and you will see us right there at the very top. You can also view this by using this link.

best membership site

More and more people every day are trying to create their own membership site. We have created the best membership plugin to create the best membership websites using wordpress as a content manager.

But what does this mean?
Wordpress is a blogging system. In it’s simplest term, wordpress takes raw text and then does all of the background work to make your text into a post or page as well as creating all the links to the page or post your have created. This is commonly called a CMS or Content Management System. WordPress makes it very easy to create your own website and blog in no time at all with no need to know any coding languages at all. Best of all, wordpress is free.

wp-member is a plugin for wordpress that allows you to turn a wordpress site into a fully manageable and customizable membership site.

Installing wp-member takes just one click. Once installed you can set up as many access levels as you want with as many subscriptions as you want. You can then create posts, pages and categories that can only be viewed by the access levels you select.

Unlike other plugins, wp-member is the only one that will allow you to select which access levels see which content. You can create a normal publicly viewable website with extra premium pages that you want to charge a subscription for users to access.

At your disposal you can offer free, trial and paying subscriber accounts. You are in full control of exactly how your membership website is distributed to your users.