WordPress v2.8 & wp-Member v2.3

We have released a new version of wp-Member to encorporate the changes that were made within wordpress 2.8. wp-Member v2.3 also includes a number of bug fixes and general maintenence.

We have stepped up the development of wp-member and already have v2.4 and v2.5 currently being developed and tested.

We are also in the progress of migrating all current customers to a new licensing system. Our new system will encorporate all areas of ordering, support and licensings giving you one location for all your needs.

Church Membership Software Programs

church membership software programsIf you are a church, a fellowship, religious organization or reading group, you may find that you want only certain users to be able to view parts of your site. wp-Member allows you to select which user groups on your site can view each post, page or category.

As an example, you could create a category that only registered and authorized members can view. In here you could post your church notices, meeting minutes, news, readings etc.

You can create unlimited protected posts, pages, categories and access levels. When a user signs up, you can then choose to upgrade the member to have access to your protected posts, pages and categories. This stops unwanted users from getting information you do not want to be available outside your organization.

If you have a large membership, you could create as many access levels as you want. For example, you could have one access level for the younger members. In here you could have jokes, games or any other fun activities you want. You could then have a second access level for older members who will be able to access the church notices, this weeks bible readings, news or anything else you wanted your older members to view.

Sending out a newsletter is very easy and can be done with a single click. You can send the newsletter to all access levels, or pick individual access levels.

We already have a handful of churches using wp-Member.

If you are a church or non profit organization we will give you full hands on support for free. This means that not only will we help you setup wp-member, but if you want, we will do it all for you for free. If you need hosting we can also offer seriously discounted, or free hosting via 5StarServers.com.

If you have any questions, please use the customer service link in the sidebar to the left.

WordPress 2.7.0 Released

WordPress have released version 2.7.0.

For the past month we have been testing wp-Member with the beta releases of wordpress 2.7. Our tests showed that wp-Member is fully compatible with wordpress 2.7. We will continue to test wp-Member with future beta releases to ensure future compatibility.

WordPress 2.7 changes the layout of your wordpress admin theme, so you may want to spend a bit of time getting used to it. The menu is similar to older versions, but is on the left hand side of the screen and has a new graphic styling.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions, you can usually find an answer in our support section. If you can not find the answer you want, you can contact our support team for assistance.

Membership Plugin For WordPress

Wp-member is an excellent membership plugin for wordpress. Wp-member has unlimited membership levels, each of which offer unlimited subscriptions. This allows you to customise the plugin to fit your needs. For example, you could have 5 membership levels with 6 subscription types each. The choice is yours.

This plugin has been designed to work with wordpress and will not alter the look of your site at all.

With the plugin you also have the option to restrict access to posts and pages that may for example attract a premium subscription. The plugin is designed so that it displays a warning to the user that they need to have the correct subscription for that service.

The support offered for this plugin is unparallelled. The admin team are on hand 24/7 to help with any problems you may have with integrating this plugin into your set up. You can choose your own level of support depending on the service you feel you need and the support team will be available to offer any advice or assistance necessary. They always go the extra mile to help users and offer on demand support.

For more information on the membership plugin for wordpress please click.

Best WordPress Membership plugin

Wp-member is considered by most users as being the best wordpress membership plugin available. It’s fantastic features are not the only thing that is so desirable, the unparallelled support offered by the team to all users is of an exceptional quality and is on demand.

With wp-member, there are unlimited membership levels and each membership level has unlimited subscriptions to it. This allows for a customised subscription plugin. For example, you could have 5 membership levels with each level having four subscription levels such as annual, bi-annual, monthly, weekly etc.

There is also the option to restrict access to some posts and pages etc so that if the user has not paid for the correct membership level, they will be given a warning to say that they need to have the relevant membership level, pay and log in to view the page/post etc. This gives you total control of your content.

The support offered by the team at wp-member is unparallelled and on demand, leaving you with total and complete peace of mind in the knowledge that you will always have the support team to hand. You can even choose the level of support you feel you need so that you can tailor your package to suit you and your needs.

For more information on the best wordpress membership plugin, wp-member, please click.