wp-Member v1.1 Released

We have released an update for wp-Member which fixes a few small problems.

These were:
1) Trial accounts sometimes did not work
2) Custom registration fields sometimes duplicated the header

wp-Member v1.1 has been fully tested with wordpress 2.6.1 to make sure that it is fully working with the latest available wordpress release.

If you have already purchased wp-Member, you can download the latest version by logging in via the Login link in the sidebar.

WordPress 2.6 Release – wp-Member Fully Tested

WordPress 2.6 has now been released. We had known about this since shortly after 2.5.1 was released and have been testing wp-Member all over again to ensure maximum compatibility with 2.6, although it is mainly cosmetic changes we still wanted to fully test the whole plugin all over again so that we were still happy with it’s performance prior to release.

This has slightly delayed the release of wp-Member, but we want it to be thoroughly tested and documented before we release it. We hope to be releasing test licenses within the next 7 days as we come to the end of our deep testing phase and prepare the plugin for general release.

Expected Test release: 7 days

Expected General release: 14 days