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wp-Member 3.0 and WordPress 3.0

we are presently running a battery of tests with the latest stable release of wordpress 3.0. Over the past few weeks and months we have been testing wp-member v3.0 with the beta releases of wordpress v3.0 so that when the stable version of wordpress 3.0 was released, we could again run tests. This is because the stable release of wordpress will have changes in it that were not in beta releases. As such we are unable to test our plugin against these changes until they have made the stable release.
As a rule of thumb, most blog owners will not immediately upgrade to a wordpress stable release. This is because while it is classified as “stable”, it will have many bugs that will be found and fixed within the first two weeks. You can see this with any new release of a wordpress version, within a few weeks a secondary release will be made to fix the bugs in the initial release.
Leaving this period of time before updating not only ensures that you are using the best version of wordpress, it also gives plugin developers a chance to ensure they have ironed out any issues with their plugin. Some plugins as yet have not been tested with the latest version, others that have been tested with the latest version and updated, will likely need to be updated once again when the next bug fix version of wordpress is released.
For the time being, we are advising clients to use wordpress v2.9.2 along with wp-member v3.0.beta4 as these two versions have been extensively tested together. Shortly, we will be releasing wp-Member v3.0 as soon as we have completed testing and altering it to work seamlessly with the latest stable version of wordpress as well as the upcoming bugfix release of wordpress.