wp-Member 3.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of wp-Member v3.0. The latest version includes many changes that were released as RC versions plus a few others, all of which are listed below.


  • Authorize.net Gateway Module Added – you can now accept payments from your customers using Paypal and Authorize.net. Due to php changes, Authorize.net will only be available to php 5 users. If you do not have php 5, please read this post.
  • Registration CSS and Image Control – We have changed how you can control the text colour of the login and registration page as well as being able to upload as many registration images as you want, swapping between them easily and quickly. This new feature has been added to the bottom of the Registration Customization page within wp-member.
  • Paypal Sandbox – Some users reported issues with our RC1 release refusing to go into live mode. We have now corrected this issue.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade – The upgrade/downgrade feature has been altered to fall in line with the new shortened registration procedure.

To download the latest version of wp-member, please click here.

WordPress 3.0.1 Released

WordPress have announced the release of v3.0.1 which includes 50 bug fixes. This is a maintenence release and it has been tested with our wordpress membership plugin, wp-member.

wp-Member and Authorize.net

We are pleased to announce that we have just finished testing our latest addition to wp-member. wp-Member, our WordPress Membership Plugin will now accept payments via Authorize.net. You will now be able to offer your members the choice of Paypal or Authorize.net.

Authorize.net is available with wp-Member v3.0 and higher. Both Paypal and Authorize.net can be activated and deactivated to suit your needs. You may want to offer Paypal only, Authorize.net only, both together or non at all if you are only providing free accounts.

As we continue to develop wp-Member further, we will release more and more gateway modules for wp-Member.