Membership Levels

Create and manage unlimited Membership Levels.

  • Membership Levels are used to Protect Content
  • Any WordPress Content may be Restricted to Specific Membership Levels
  • Redirect Options for Log-In and Registration Based on Membership Level
  • Access to Membership Levels May be Sold by Subscription Packages

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Download Shortcode Generator

Easily create a custom download button and insert it into any WordPress post or page using the protected download shortcode generator.

  • Select the Protected Download
  • Option to Include Download Title
  • Option to Include Download Description
  • Customize the Color and Text of the Button
  • Set the Button Size

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Create a Digital Download

WP-Member provides a familiar and easy to use interface for adding protected downloads that can be made available to specific membership levels.

  • Select Membership Levels that can Access the Download
  • Download Will be Automatically Added to Member Profiles of Users Who Can Access it
  • Shortcode Generator to Add Protected Download Buttons to Posts or Pages

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Member Newsletter

Easily send out a newsletter to all your members or selected membership levels.

  • Select Specific Membership Levels, or Send to All Members
  • Select Specific Member Status (Active, Expired, etc.) or Send to All Member Status
  • Send with SMTP or phpMail

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Drip Feed Content

Don’t give new members access to your entire site immediately, instead you can set some content to be made available to specific Membership Levels only after they have been registered for a certain number of days. For example, you may want a post to appear each week after a new member signs up. This can be done very easily with WP-Member’s “Drip Feed” feature. Just set the Drip Feed options on any post or page and the rest is done automatically for you.

  • Drip Feed any Protected Content to Your Members
  • Easily Specify Number of Days Before Content is Available to Each Membership Level
  • Content Will Not Appear to Members Who Have Not Been Registered Long Enough
  • Content Will Automatically be Made When a User Has Been registered Long Enough

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